Affiliate Programs

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The International Center for Media and the Public Agenda (ICMPA) based at the University of Maryland, College Park outside of Washington, DC, conducts media and public policy research and consults for and trains academic audiences, journalists, government officials, NGO staffers and the general public. The International Center for Media and the Public Agenda was established by the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland in summer of 2006. ICMPA aims to create on the Maryland campus a central place for media and public policy research. 


Engagement Lab is an applied research lab at Emerson College focusing on the development and study of games, technology, and new media to enhance civic life. The Engagement Lab works directly with its partner communities to design and facilitate civic engagement processes, augment stakeholder deliberation, and broaden the diversity of participants in local decision-making. The Engagement Lab was founded in 2011 at Emerson College in Boston, MA. focuses on the next generation of media change makers as an engine for innovation and reinvention in the media fields. We are committed to connecting the dispersed tribe of media change makers everywhere who use the power of visual storytelling to build a better world. Our mission is to discover, define and share best practices in media change making of the 21st century.


MDLAB aims to advance digital and media literacy education in the Arab region by training a generation of teachers and scholars and developing locally rooted curricula. The 2013 academy was the start of this initiative. MDLAB offers graduate students and academics a unique opportunity to study media and digital literacy with leading Arab and international experts during two summer weeks.