Media Innovation

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Understand how media give citizens access to information via innovations in and innovative use of digital and mobile media

Media innovations refers to ideas, projects, programs, technology or movements that use unique approaches that journalists and media organizations take to help or engage citizens in public life. Many changes are happening with apps on mobile phones or in visual media and journalism, from Snapchat and Vine to Pinterest, Instgram, Flickr and the rise of infographics. Media and public innovation is about how journalists can use Twitter to tell stories in 140 character chapters, or curate stories via hashtags, or track trends (or the flu or politicans' fan base) via Twitter. An example of "Media and innovation" would be those occasions when journalists turn to Twitter (and other SMS analogs) when traditional media are censored.



Students who complete some or all of these lesson plans will have worked through the following points:

  • How media can help citizens learn about their role in an open society and the power of responsible participation 
  • How media explain and embody the ideals that are most important to civic engagement.
  • How media can teach citizens how systems work, how citizens themselves can influence change.
  • How improving citizens' access to media promotes greater participation in civic life.