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SUSTAINABILITY: Updated report on overfishing makes news around the world

In climate change news around the world, new organizations report that concerns about the collapse of seafood stocks may be reduced in some areas of the globe.

Sustainable seas? Overfishing easing in places
MSNBC 31 July 2009


Overfishing around the world/AP image

Overfishing around the world/AP image

Crabcakes and fish sticks won’t be disappearing after all.

Two years after a study warned that overfishing could cause a collapse in the world’s seafood stocks by 2048, an update says the tide is turning, at least in some areas.

“This paper shows that our oceans are not a lost cause,” said Boris Worm of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, lead author of both reports. “I’m somewhat more hopeful … than what we were seeing two years ago.”

The Guardian

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