Study — A Tethered World: Exploring Mobile Information Habits of University Students Around the World

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"I felt that I had a better relationship with my phone, than with people around me. I felt like I was taking better care of THAT relationship, than the one of the person in front of me." — Student Participant



A Tethered World evaluated the mobile habits of students of 52 nationalities, attending universities in eight countries, on three continents.  Researchers had the 800 students track their mobile use over a 24-hour period this past spring 2012.  Following the day-long tracking, the students completed an in-depth survey and wrote a 500-word narrative about their media habits.

Essential Question

In Spring 2012, 800 students representing 52 nationalities from 8 Universities on 3 continents participated in a 24-hour mobile information tracking exploration and reflection to answer the question: How have mobile technologies changed the information habits of a tethered world?


A Tethered World was designed to explore the information habits and dispositions of university students’ mobile phone use (consuming, sharing, reading, publishing, expressing, etc.) Three general research questions guided the study:

  • Q1. How have mobile technologies influenced the information habits of university students around the world?
  • Q2. What similarities and differences exist in university students’ use of mobile technologies for information purposes?
  • Q3. How do university students conceive of mobile technologies role in their daily lives?


The "Tethered World" blog for further information about the study and its findings.


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